Fiji: day seven

Our last day in Pacific Harbour, so we chose another exciting thing to do: Zip Fiji!

As the name suggests, Zip Fiji is a zip-line tour through the canopy of the rainforest. There are eight zip-lines, with the longest being just over two hundred metres.

Long time followers will know that we’ve done this a few years back, when we did the canyon zip-line tour in Mexico. Mia, on the other hand, has a bit of a fear of heights…

As you can see, the fear was well and truly overcome! (Although she did confess later that she was still scared, but it was a heap of fun at the same time).

The guides were great: very friendly and helpful, even to the extent of taking over our cameras and capturing all the great pics below. We’ve got a heap of video as well, but will get around to posting that when we’re back home.

Everyone – especially Mia! – did a great job. Of course, Campbell had to step it up a notch and started going down the lines upside down. Crazy child.

Fiji: day six

Another glorious morning saw us boarding a boat with Paradise Beach Island Day Tours and heading over to Beqa Island. This was a fantastic day trip to a beautiful, quiet beach. Totally relaxing! We took a couple of snorkelling trips out to different parts of the reef, and totally stuffed ourselves on piles of delicious food.

However, the best part of the day was something we were completely unprepared for…

The owners of the tour company provide a lot of support for the local village. Today a massive stash of goodies was being given to the local kindergarten and a trust fund established to help support education in the village, and the kids all came by to say thanks. We were treated to an insanely cute set of songs and dance. If you’re ever out here drop a few dollars into the fund – it will go a long way.

After a great day on the beach it was time to board the boat for the short cruise back to the mainland, and an amazing sunset to cap it all off.

We can’t recommend this one highly enough – it’s the perfect wind-down to recover after the rafting!

Fiji: day four bonus photos

The crew from Rivers Fiji have a photographer on each expedition. Here’s a selection of the shots they took yesterday.

Fiji: day four

An early start today – 6am while on holiday! – for a 6.45 pickup with Rivers Fiji to spend the day rafting on Navua River. First thing of note: the rain had stopped! Instead of gloom we had a glorious sunrise.


Once on our way, we had a drive of about 90 minutes to reach the Upper Navua. The views from the hills were quite spectacular:


Once at the river we were all able to get kitted up with helmets, life jackets and paddles:


We weren’t quite ready to go however! First was a short hike (fifteen minutes or so) to actually get to the launching spot. Short, but treacherous, with a steep and narrow path winding through slippery rain forest.


We all loved the rapids! Our only casualty was Bren, who left the boat in spectacular fashion and got to experience the power of the rapids first hand. Luckily, she’s fine, just slight bruising on the knee (same one she broke last time we were in Fiji) and the ego.

As much fun as the rapids were, Campbell and Mia couldn’t wait to get into the river themselves. They took advantage of every patch of calm water to leap over the side and get some swimming in.

We all had a ball, but are now totally exhausted and almost fell asleep at dinner!

We can’t recommend the Rivers Fiji tour highly enough. The river is quite literally in the middle of nowhere. The whole area is a conservation area that Rivers Fiji are acting as the caretakers for. For a small island some of these areas are so remote it’s crazy, you get to travel through regions that few people have seen – which is a shame because it’s really quite breathtaking in places.

Fiji: day three

After the trauma that was Suva yesterday, we thought a quiet Sunday was in order – a perfect day for lounging by the pool or hanging out at the beach. Of course, near the pool is the volleyball court.

Being the horse-mad equestrian that she is, Campbell couldn’t resist a horse ride along the beach. As a special bonus, Mia got her first ever horse-back experience!

Fiji: day two

Not a lot of photos today…

We thought we’d have a fairly chilled day today. Bren and I left Campbell and Mia sleeping while we went for a walk in search of somewhere to grab a coffee. Republic of Cappuccino came to the rescue!

Back home, we dragged the girls out of bed and made them return all the cushions they’d stolen from the lounge in order to make a pillow fort:


A quick brunch, and then we drove into Suva to do a bit of shopping – it was apparently essential to catch the last day of the big sale at Tappoo.

Lucky us, it was cruise ship day:


Naturally, this meant that there were about a gazillion extra people in town, plus all the locals trying to make a few bucks off them. Needless to say it was pretty chaotic. We only lasted a few hours before calling it quits and trying to head home.

This is where the fun really started: the combination of insane traffic, roads at crazy angles, and one-way streets meant we ended up driving three laps of the city before we were able to actually get on the right road and be heading in the right direction! Thankfully, we eventually made it out of there…

Fiji: day one

We’re here! After a 30 minute delay to our departure, we’ve finally made it to Fiji!

The flight over was a little odd: first thing they did was serve dinner. At just after midnight. I was actually expecting a breakfast service before we landed. Would have made more sense.

Through immigration and customs, we picked up our rental car and headed off towards Suva:


It took a couple of hours to drive down, broken only by a quick stop for a coffee. The place we’re staying is pretty good: two bedroom apartment on the third floor.

The pool isn’t enormous, but is a nice enough spot for a swim.

When you’re bored of the pool, the ocean beach is just a few metres away. Of course, the girls couldn’t wait to go check out one of the spas… And then a few games of pool before dinner:

Right, we’re exhausted from all this fun! Bed time…

Fiji: day zero

We’re calling this day zero of the trip, ’cause we don’t actually leave Melbourne until 11pm, landing in Fiji at about 6am tomorrow. As such, nothing much to report other than Campbell and Mia are pretty excited about doing some duty free shopping.