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For as long as I can remember messing around with having an online presence for the family, we've had a Wordpress-based site. From time to time I'd tinker with other platforms, but never really saw any good reason to change.

A couple of years back I decided to move to a self-hosted site to a managed instance on, mainly because the cost of paying for hosting was more or less the same as paying for Wordpress - and I also had to do all the work of maintaining the server.

So far, so good. Except...

While a Wordpress account isn't super expensive, I'm not sure I'm getting the best value out of it. And that's on me, not on the service they provide. If you're looking for somewhere to host a blog, I still recommend it. Wordpress is a great platform. However, I'm still a nerd at heart, and I want to tinker, even if the end result isn't actually as good as I used to have! Yeah, I know, makes perfect sense.

Which brings us to now...

I've moved from a dynamic web site built using PHP where everything is stored in a database and rendered to HTML in real time when a page is requested to a static web site. Seems like a step backwards for a nerd. Except! It's built using a funky JavaScript framework, stored in a Git repository, and deployed in real time when I make a change. It's almost real time, and as it contains no dynamic code is much faster to serve and much harder for someone to compromise. Nerd win!

That's a long way of saying to stick with me while I keep migrating stuff over!

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